Solar and photovoltaic modules, we are the right partner for your logistics

Solar and photovoltaic modules

Our expertise in solar and photovoltaic module fulfillment solves your logistics challenges.

Even when the modules are received, skill is required to ensure that they arrive safely at their storage location.

In addition to handling the modules and lithium batteries, fixtures and storage, we are also logistically focused on the complete package/set.

The logistics and transportation of solar and photovoltaic modules, requires a trained and careful implementation. The logistic handling to the renewable energy is taken over by us for numerous customers at our logistics location. The proximity to the port of Hamburg brings our customers a time and cost advantage. Besides our fulfillment, we organize for our customers the pre-carriage, the main run, the unloading of the containers.

Different approaches to solar energy

The difference between photovoltaics and solar thermal lies in the respective handling of solar energy. Both systems use the sun's energy; in solar thermal, the energy is converted into heat to warm domestic water and support the heating system. In photovoltaics, the solar energy is converted into electricity. This can be used for domestic purposes or fed into the power grid.