Contract for work - your advantages

Your goals are legally secured by a
contract for work according to §631 BGB!

Contract for work

Contract for work for your logistics

With us, your logistics can be planned. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of logistics planning and our extensive insight into the industry with all its interfaces and optimization possibilities, we are not only available to you as a service provider at any time, but also as a competent consultant.

We keep our promise and commit ourselves to it according to contract for work §631 BGB. The remuneration is exclusively performance-related, for example per piece, pick or lump sum. For you, this means that you only pay for the service that was actually provided.

In addition, we are liable for damage caused by ourselves and can also cover higher amounts of damage through our business liability insurance.

To ensure the highest possible quality, we provide you with a personal project manager. In this way, we reduce interfaces, take over management tasks and efficiently secure joint workflows in your company.

Logistics contract for work

Advantages logistics service contract:
A logistics service contract / contract for work and services offers a high degree of flexibility and cost efficiency.
By using a logistics service provider, a company can reduce its...

About our
work contract
service portfolio

    • Container loading and unloading

    • Fabrication

    • Labeling

    • Price labeling

    • Display construction

    • Display equipment

    • Picking

    • Sleeven

    • Packing

Your advantages
1. professional advice

Contract for work §631 BGB

2. you pay only for received service!

One contact for all cases

3. personal project manager

Our contracts for work according to §631 BGB

Your advantages at a glance

For our customers we commit ourselves by the contract for work to produce the promised work (§631 BGB). In addition, we assume responsibility for any damage caused by us.

Contract for work Hamburg, reduce labor costs

Reduce labor costs

Due to wage cost deduction and our tariff advantages

Contract for work Hamburg, Flexible resources

Performance improvement

Through performance-based compensation systems and higher motivation.

Contract for work and services Hamburg, avoidance of loss of performance

Prevention of loss of performance

Due to e.g. illness or employee absence.

Contract for work Hamburg, 100% cost control

100% cost control

By paying per piece, per pick or flat rate.

Contract for work Hamburg, 100% cost control

Minimize risks

By the contract for work we are liable for self-inflicted damage.

Contract for work Hamburg, Flexible resources

Flexible resources

You only employ as much staff as you need in terms of time.

Contract for work Hamburg, secure liquidity

Secure liquidity

Through financial flexibility you secure your liquidity.

Contract for work Hamburg, Full transparency

Full transparency

Our work is designed to be transparent. You have the control.