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Fulfillment logistics company from Hamburg - Miry24
In-house outsourcing

In-house outsourcing offers numerous advantages and has rightly become a trend in the logistics industry.
As a provider of logistics solutions, you receive professional support from us in your outsourcing process.
The areas of activity transferred to us integrate smoothly into your existing workflow.
Our experts are also happy to support you in the efficient design of the entire process.

Through the contract for work you get full cost control. In addition, we are liable for any damage caused by us.
Our experienced logistics team will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs.

Our contracts for work according to §631 BGB

We secure you!

For our customers we commit ourselves by the contract for work to produce the promised work (§631 BGB). In addition, we assume responsibility for any damage caused by us.

Miry logistics company from Hamburg - Fulfillment

From goods receipt to goods issue


Basic services with billing at fixed unit or flat rates.
We only need a few details for your customized offer.

  • Loading and unloading containers and trucks
  • Palletizing and storing goods
  • Labelling, relabelling, stretching, neutralizing
  • Picking according to order
  • Packing activities, repacking work, packaging
  • Sorting and assembling
  • Display construction and assembly
  • Returns processing
  • Quality inspection
  • Inventory activities

We assemble large and small displays, packaging, folding boxes, folders, advertising materials and many things more.

Our services include....

  • Labeling
  • Award
  • Barcoding
  • Folding
  • Erect
  • Counting
  • Weighing
  • Plug in
  • Repack
  • Assemble
  • Filling
  • Pack ready for shipment
  • Quality controls
  • uvm.

We serve ...

  • Packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Confection of technical insulating textiles
  • Fabrication of textiles
  • Screws assembly
  • Display assembly
  • Packaging of school and office products
  • Christmas articles packing
  • uvm.
Logistics company from Hamburg - Fulfillment

Pay per pick services at convincing fixed prices

Pick & Pack Service | E-Commerce | Drop Shipments

Our pick services are designed to pack your goods and merchandise faster.
From picking to goods issue, you will receive optimal service and efficient work techniques.

  • Promotional and action shipping
  • Packing into carton shipping, palletizing for pallet shipping/li>.
  • Strapping and foiling
  • Providing the appropriate packaging material
Logistics company from Hamburg Miry 24 Logistik GmbH

Benefit from our years of experience in value added service travel

Added value service contract for work

In order to be able to react quickly and offer consumer-oriented solutions, many of our customers use our Value Added Services.
These offer a variety of additional service activities. These include, for example:

  • Co-Packing
  • Sleeven
  • Reconditioning of defective goods
  • Quality controls
  • Goods neutralization and manipulation
Logistics company from Hamburg Miry 24 Logistik GmbH

For the large supermarkets, discounters and DIY stores

Action logistics

We at Miry24 Logistics handle the promotional goods, the following services are provided by us in this area:

  • Pricing via the best possible ports of entry (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Koper, Southampton
  • The container round trip Hamburg or Bremerhaven
  • Palletizing and wrapping goods according to your instructions, checking the packing scheme
  • Neutralize cartons, repackaging, labeling and much more.
  • Assembly, pick services, VAS, display construction etc.
  • Assembly, pick services, VAS, display construction etc.
  • Complete documentation: unloading report, stock, etc.
  • National, as well as international on-time distribution of shipments
Logistics company from Hamburg Miry 24 Logistik GmbH

If you do not have your own warehouse or your capacities have reached their limits, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are happy to take care of order-related unloading, picking, packing, inspection for compliance with the specified guidelines, manipulation of the goods, display construction and placement, taking samples and distributing the goods throughout Europe.

  • Our storage area is 4,500m², including almost 3,500 rack pallet spaces and about 500m² block storage, which is served by 5 gates.
  • The warehouse and the entire indoor and outdoor area are video-monitored with 32 cameras with direct connection to the Bosch company.
  • The warehouse has a sprinkler system with direct connection to the fire department.
Logistics company from Hamburg Miry 24 Logistik GmbH

General cargo - Partial loads - Full loads


Our well-organized national transport network offers you a standard transit time of 24/48 hours. For urgent goods, you also have the option of sending your shipment by express. All types of vehicle are available for special trips, from cars to mega trailers.

Our land transportation services, whether general cargo, part or full loads, offer you the opportunity to transport national and international shipments at fair conditions.

Logistics services import handling
Import processing

The handling of your import shipments includes the following:

  • The container round trip in Hamburg or from Bremerhaven
  • The collection of general cargo shipments, as well as partial and complete lots at specified addresses
  • The unloading of the container or the truck
  • We check the goods for completeness and damage
  • The palletizing and the careful storage of the goods
  • The processing (manipulation) of goods, such as repackaging, labeling, neutralizing, drawing samples, etc.
  • The inventory management
  • Order-related picking and organizing the distribution of goods to the locations you specify with the appropriate mode of transport
  • The consolidation of multiple shipments for one recipient at our warehouse
Logistics services export handling
Export processing

We are an independent and neutral container packing station:

  • Container tracking from the empty depot to our warehouse in Reinbek
  • The collection of general cargo shipments, as well as partial and complete lots at specified addresses at home and abroad
  • Overstocking, intermediate storage, testing and measuring of your outgoing goods, taking samples of goods
  • Direct reloading from the truck into the container
  • Container loading for groupage and customer containers with the best possible use of the available cargo space to the optimum, while maintaining safety so that your goods arrive intact at the consignee
  • Manipulation, sorting out of defective goods, reworking, documentation etc.
  • Weighing according to SOLAS guidelines
  • Storage and handling