Global network for transportation around the world
Sea freight with Miry24
Sea freight, air freight, rail and land transportation

As a partner of a global network, we offer our import/export service as well as distribution logistics across all branches of industry. We also find individual solutions along the supply chain for industry-specific services.

Global network for transportation around the world

Our global network gives you optimum regional proximity to your customers. We organize all main, pre-carriage and onward carriage, whether by sea, air, road or rail, and ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every stage. From the shipment of full container FCL, the trucking of containers including overstocking, to the shipment of general cargo, full loads or special transports, we find the right solutions for your transports.

Our services at a glance:
  • Special and industry-specific solutions
  • FCL & LCL shipping
  • Door-to-door service
  • Full container service
  • Stowage/loading, unloading and securing
  • Import and export service
  • Cooperation with selected partners
  • Prompt shipping / loading thanks to constantly available capacities
  • All general cargo and full truckload services
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions, such as pre-carriage, main carriage and onward carriage, including warehousing
  • Fixed contact partners

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