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Advantages logistics contract for work:

A logistics service contract / contract for work and services offers a high degree of flexibility and cost efficiency. By using a logistics service provider, a company can make its internal logistics processes more efficient and thus reduce costs. The company is relieved of the organization, implementation and administration of the agreed logistics processes and the logistics service provider can support the client in optimizing its processes and increasing efficiency by contributing its innovative know-how and technologies. This also increases delivery quality and customer satisfaction.

Logistics works contract

A logistics service contract is an agreement between a logistics service provider and a client in which the service provider undertakes to provide a specific logistics service or a specific project. This can be, for example, the transportation of goods from one location to another, the storage of goods or the packing and picking of orders.
The contract for work and services usually specifies the exact services, deadlines, costs and payment terms.
An important part of a contract for work and services in logistics is the service provider’s liability for damage or loss during transportation or storage of the goods. The parties can also agree certain termination conditions and penalties for breaches of contract.
In the logistics industry, contracts for work and services are often used to meet short-term logistics needs or to provide a specific logistics service that the client cannot or does not wish to provide themselves.

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